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Quickly Shipping Valtek® Mark One™ Control Valve Ends Oil Producer’s Leak Risks

When a leaking control valve in a critical system was discovered at a leading Canadian producer's facility, Flowserve's Quick-Ship Program team had a Valtek® Mark One™ control valve assembled, tested and ready for shipment within hours of the customer's request.

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Flowserve's Quick-Ship Program

Speed and reliability are critical during routine maintenance and emergency repairs. Every hour of downtime can result in significant production losses.

In response, Flowserve's Quick-Ship program can supply control valves with reduced lead times so that customers can minimize costly downtime. The Quick-Ship program allows customers to procure quality, Flowserve-tested equipment in as little as a week. Quick-Ship orders are fulfilled in the shortest time by leveraging Flowserve's local resources and infrastructure at the state-of-the-art Flowserve facilities.


Quick-Ship Key Benefits

Maximized speed and responsiveness
Standard equipment configurations can be built, tested and shipped in as little as a week, minimizing downtime and allowing faster return to operations.
High-quality products
With the Quick-Ship program, you’ll get a quality, Flowserve-tested valve. All valves are provided with functional, hydrostatic and pneumatic test certifications.
Local support and service
Quick Response Centers are staffed with highly skilled engineers and technicians to provide customers with uncompromising technical service and engineering support.