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Enabling Energy Transition

Flow Loop Optimization

With modified pumps, a plant is projected to save more than $800,000 in annual electricity costs — a reduction of more than 8,900 tons of CO2 emissions.

How did Flowserve pumps modify the refinery's existing pumps to achieve these savings? Download the News Story to find out.



"Flow Loop Optimization Enables Energy Diversification and Carbon Emissions Reduction"

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A focus on energy efficiency delivered significant cost savings and emissions reduction for a large plant.

  • Identifying energy savings: Analysis with proprietary analytical tools and performance data.
  • Modify pumps to suit: Optimize the entire flow loop for the planned operating condition.
  • Ongoing monitoring: We can add instrumentation to monitor each pump's mechanical performance and energy consumption levels.

This outcome is a direct result of The Energy Advantage Program by Flowserve. Learn how we can enable similar savings for you.

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Flow Loop Optimization is part of Flowserve's
Energy Advantage Program

Optimizing pump wire-to-wire efficiency can be an important consideration toward the achievement of energy transition goals. The Flowserve Energy Advantage Program offers you a suite of solutions which can enable significant efficiency gains from the optimization of pump and valve energy consumption and effective recapture of wasted energy.

Why Flowserve Energy Advantage?

Flowserve has an unrivaled combination of technical expertise and practical experience to lead you through the transition.

The Flowserve Energy Advantage Program is a holistic flow control approach aimed at helping you reach your carbon reduction goals and lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO). It provides you with Flowserve’s engineering expertise, a systematic data-driven evaluation process, and a complete offering of proven products and services that can drive increased energy efficiency through the optimization of pump and valve power consumption. Flowserve’s offerings through the Energy Advantage Program can also reduce your carbon emissions, improve plant productivity and reliability, and provide operational savings.

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Energy Efficiency

Significant efficiency gains from the optimization of energy consumption and recapture of wasted energy.

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Carbon Emissions

Cost-effective tailored solutions focused on reducing hydrocarbon and GHG emissions.

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Costs Efficiency

Solutions for increased equipment reliability, reduced maintenance spend, and optimized operational expenses.

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Optimize Flow Loop Processes to Significantly Improve Energy Efficiency.

A typical processing plant such as an oil refinery can incorporate hundreds or thousands of pumps. They consume as much as 60% of the facility’s energy usage. Find out how flow loop optimization study identifies real energy savings.

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